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The army gave the soldiers the clothes and gear they necessary. But there weren't normally adequate of these items. A shipment of shirts arrived, but there weren't enough for all the soldiers, so many guys would need to go with out. Sometimes it was footwear in quick provide, or coats, breeches, bayonets and also other gear. It was not uncommon to determine soldiers close to naked, wrapped in blankets and rags. The clothes a was to acquire were:The bread was incredibly difficult so tough that the soldiers soaked it in warm water until it was soft sufficient to chew.

The bread was really hard due to the fact it was produced with only flour and water. The Army created the bread this way so it would final to get a really extended time prior to spoiling.The meat was typically salted beef or pork cut into strips or chunks and soaked in salt water so it would not spoil. The Army issued salted and dried foods because that was the only approach to hold meals, the soldiers boiled the dry beans or peas with their meat. Soon after cooking a long time, the beans and peas became soft and also the meat significantly less salty.

The soldiers had been supposed to mix their rum with water just before they drank it. Sometimes they have been issued added rum for carrying out additional work, or simply because it was a particular day which include ralph lauren pony polo shirts Year's or to celebrate a victory or comfort a defeat.The drum controlled a soldier's day. The drummers in each and every regiment played different beats to tell the soldiers exactly where they must be and what they ought to be performing. Listed here are some typical drumbeats and what they meant. The outcome was a tasty stew.