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When this column initially appeared in the Times Colonist Life pages nearly three years ago, individuals asked me what I'd write about, assuming Victoria's adore of GoreTex and lack of namebrand stores meant we were devoid of style.On the contrary, our socially conscious consumerism and preference for special designers over labels has defined, not limited, our city's style character.In the past three years, we've seen Reduced Johnson Street become a strip of trendy boutiques akin to Toronto's Queen Street West and Vancouver's Major Street.

Victoria designers for instance Shi Studio, Stacey Clark's Odilon and Hayley Gibson's Birds of North America are just some which have garnered national and international interest. Buying centres like Mayfair and More information are expanding to bring well-known chain boutiques and give much more space to regional enterprises.The third annual Fall Persuasion fashion show in Market Square featured wares from downtown boutiques and salons, including magnificent wool wigs by stylists at Lab Salon on Johnson Street. Cancer Agency and cancer study.

Creative wigs have been the centrepiece of yet another fashion event: Let Them Eat Cake, a fundraiser for the Ralph Lauren Kids Online Sale - Ralph Lauren UK Transition Residence with clothing by Rebel Rebel, Bernstein Gold, and Addiction boutiques.Jewelry designer Anne Kelly's chain maille functions show master craftsmanship and reflect our distinctive organic surroundings. Verify them out in the Avenue Gallery in Oak Bay and at Mattick's Farm.Jennifer Hill, owner of the Sidney Fashion Exchange, may be the Island's lone supply of clothes for tall and significant girls now that Tall Girl has closed.